Sunday, 5 April 2009

MIPC Discovering Salemi

MIPC has organised a series of weekend trips to visit Salemi in Sicily to learn about the 1 euro property offer in Salemi.

The first is this Easter in Sicily weekend. Other follow.

Follow through to MIPC Discoveing Salemi for further details about the trip or visit the website Salemi to find out about Salemi.

Sunday, 22 March 2009

Salemi Sicily Italy CBS Sunday morning

Salemi apply for a 1 euro house in Sicily Italy.
For further details regarding the Salemi 1 euro house offer in Sicily as discussed on CBS Sunday morning please follow the following link Salemi

Friday, 13 March 2009



MIPC is pleased to announce the new website dedicated to Salemi at where you can find local information about Salemi and updates on the Salemi 1 euro property offer and other properties in Salemi and Sicily.

Thursday, 5 February 2009

Luton Airport snow flight info cancellations

Luton Airport this morning Thursday 5th February 2009 : 05/02/09 has been hit by bad weather and heavy snow over night. Arrivals and departures are been cancelled, rescheduled, delayed and there is mayhem. I am sat here in the airport bringing you a live update. So if you can’t get through to your airline or relatives then follow here to ….

It all started early this morning at about 3am when the snow started to fall. I was due to get a flight from Luton airport to Trapani in Sicily to meet some clients viewing italian villas near SCOPELLO on the sicilian seaside, where apparently the sun is shining and its a gorgeous day.

Well its a different story here in the UK. I was on an overnight bus coming in from the north of England to Luton (its tough at the top ; executive credit crunch travel), leaving Birmingham at 3am the snow started to fall. We made good ground until outside Milton Keynes. The snow had started to settle, the gritters were just starting to head out for the rush hour. The first lorries had jack knifed and the northern roads were coming to a grinding halt. We were running 30 minutes behind schedule. Due into Luton airport 5:15am my flight was scheduled to leave at 6:30am. I had already done the Ryanair on line checkin so i thought i had enough time. 5:40 and we approach Luton airport and thats were the trouble started. Traffice jams into the airport, the road had not been gritted nor cleared by the snow ploughs. The traffice was slowy moving 5:55am. I started to panic thinking i would miss my plane. A quick check on the internet to see for any information….non. Luton airport was due to update its “real time” information at 7am. Ryanair website latest update made reference to cancellations on Tuesday !!! CArs started to pull up on the side of the road and travellers abandoned their cars and started walking. The traffic had come to a grinding halt. People slipping and falling in the snow. Cars returning from the early drop offs blocked coming out of the airport. People with spades digging out cars, people everywhere, kids screaming as mums dragged them up the road. Everyone wanted to get to the airport but it was still 2 miles away. Courageously they set off on the walk overtaking the cars, the roads covered in snow, icy patches, some slush, luggage on shoulders and trolleys jammed with snow. If only i could post up some photos.

Radio Luton announced that Luton airport runways were closed and no planes were landing nor departing, so i chilled out and relaxed on the bus. But then a phone call from my secretary that the flights had not been cancelled but rescheduled to all starting from 8:30 so then i decided to join others and got off the bus (kindly the driver got out my luggage) and off i was at 7:15am racing to get to the airport. Slipping and sliding, wet shoes and slowy breaking into a sweat speed walking up the road to Luton airport. Overtaking cars jammed, lorries blocked, police redirecting traffic, no traffic allowed into the airport, no wonder there was a massive traffice jam !!. There was a happy spirit on the road as fellow travellers made their way to the airport.

Finally round a corner at the top of the hill the departures lounge glowed in the distance. We were nearly there. Finally by 7:55 i entered the departures lounge to find true some flights had been rescheduled but mine no…CANCELLED.

Queues 3 hours long people trying to rebook flights. Luckily i have my laptop so i rebooked for Saturday.

If you are travelling or picking people up from Luton airport here is the latest information.

Arrivals :

No airplanes have landed. Don’t panic if you are struggling to get to the airport to pick up loved ones. They aren’t here !!

Departures :

Security and boarding is currently closed, so noone is leaving.

No flights have left Luton airport this morning. The runway is still covered in snow….let me update flight info..come back in a minute.


Travel Update 09.15

Due to weather conditions at London Luton Airport this morning, flights are subject to delay and cancellation. Check - in is currently suspended and flights are not anticipated to resume until 10.30. A further update will be posted on this website at 10.00. Anyone travelling to the airport should check public transport and road conditions.

The following flights have been cancelled


Marrakech FR3506

Dublin FR331

Trapani FR3468

Biarritz FR3886

Rotterdam HV5096

Gdansk W6302

Poznan W6502

Budapest W6202

Katowice W6102

Arrecife ZB074

Malaga ZB012

ALicante ZB834 14:40


8:40 EZY015 Edinburgh Departure Estimated at 11:15

9:00 TOM555 NOW Boarding !!!

9:50 RE502 Departure Estimated at 11:15


If your flight is not mentioned above then there is no update and you should assume it is running on time !!!

Airline Contact Numbers

Aer Arann - 0870 876 76 76

easyJet - 0905 821 0905

Flybe + 44 (0)1392 268529

Monarch +44 (0) 8700 405 040

Ryanair +44 (0) 8712 460 000

Sky Europe + 42 12 4850 4850

Thomson Airways +44 (0) 870 607 6757 +44 (0) 906 6800065

Wizz Air + 48 22 351 9499

Wednesday, 31 December 2008

Salemi MIPC 1 Euro house Sicily : Newsletter

Salemi :
MIPC has just released a newsletter about the Salemi council ” 1 Euro house ” offer.

Quote from newsletter:
The Letter of Introduction is a means for the Salemi council to understand if you are still interested in their offer and to understand who you are. MIPC understand that the Salemi council wish to build a sustainable community. They are looking for 60% residential occupancy of the houses. MIPC understands that their target market is an artistic and culturally

Feel free to download the MIPC Newsletter in .pdf Adobe format at:
or view on line at

In the newsletter there is also information about buying a house in Italy, Sicilian property and Property in the Egadi Islands including Favignana and Marettimo.

Happy New Year.

Saturday, 13 December 2008

Rome, Tiber, floods Italy, Venice.

Rome’s mayor has declared a state of emergency due to the risk that the river Tiber may burst it’s banks.
Following 2 weeks of intensive rain in Italy, Friday saw the whole of Rome’s forecasted rain for the month of December fall in 1 day !!
The river Tiber is currently 5 metres or 15 feet above its normal level, this is the highest the Italian river has been over the last 40 years of Italian history.
The Milvio bridge built 200BC an ancient bridge in Rome has been closed due to risk of collapse as has the Angel’s bridge (Ponte s. Angelo). The Tiber island is also under risk.
The Italian military, the red cross and the civil protection teams are on alert and distributing sand bags.
All of Italy during the last 2 weeks has suffered from a low depression. Rain has fallen from the north to the south.
Venice St Mark’s square is currently under water.
Access to the Sicilian islands around the island of Sicily, the Egadi Islands, Favignana, Marettimo is blocked.
People accessing their Italian property in the Island of Elba are also reporting ferry problems.
All this has brought very early snow in the Italian ski resorts of the Alps and the Dolomites. Early skiing and a good skiing season is forecasted.
If you are looking for Italian ski property, MIPC currently has 2 bedroom apartments for sale in Val Gardenia.

Thursday, 4 December 2008

Putin Medvedev Russian property in Italy

Putin continued to hold his annual TV live questions and answers, many asked why him and not the current president. Probably because Russian President Dmitry Medvedev is to pay a working visit to Italy at the invitation of his Italian counterpart Giorgio Napolitano on Saturday, the Kremlin press service said. Medvedev will visit the southern Italian city of Bari, where a Russian Orthodox Church is located. The St. Nicholas Orthodox church was built in the early 20th century to welcome Russian pilgrims coming to worship St. Nicholas, one of the most revered Orthodox saints. It became the property of the city of Bari in 1937. The Italian government decided to return the ownership of the Russian Orthodox Church as a friendly gesture when Russia's then president Vladimir Putin visited the country in March 2007. A document was signed in Rome last month to confirm the handover.
Moss Italian Property Consultants can help you buy a house in Italy, Bari.